Branching outside of the Puffed crisp category for the first time, we’re spreading the Peas & Love with the launch of the UK’s first Chickpea Tortilla Chips, available nationwide from today! Whether it’s a picnic in the park, a chip and chill on the sofa, or sharing these protein packed snacks with your mates at half time, HIPPEAS® Chickpea Tortilla Chips are the perfect accomPEAniment for every occasion.

The tasty new range is packed with plant-based power. Vegan, gluten-free, no artificial ingredients, no palm oil, no MSG and totally delicious. With 7g of protein and 2g of fibre on average per 40g serving, you can snack HapPEA on the go, or sharing with friends and family.

HIPPEAS® Chickpea Tortilla Snacks come in four far out flavours which can be enjoyed on their own or with your favourite dip (guacamole and salsa, meet your new best friend): 

ROCKIN’ RANCHCue Rockin’ Ranch – a cool classic ranch flavour that’ll leave your taste buds rockin’ and the good times rolling
CHEESY NACHO VIBES: These are nacho average tortillas. Cheesy Nacho Vibes brings the cheese without the dairy so you can snack with Peas of mind.

CHILLI KICKS: Chilli kick's medley of spices are music to our ears (and mouth). Chilli, paprika, cayenne pepper, make for a far-out flavour that packs a punch.

STRAIGHT UP SEA SALTWe tell it like it is. Straight up sea salt, with ingredients you can actually pronounce. Nothing hidden in here but good vibes only.
Happea snacking! 

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